The Club

The Sports Club Budokan Maintal e.V. was founded in 1998 and currently has over 230 members. 70% of them are younger than 14 years.

The department of Judo was founded in 1963 and was at this time a part from the Sports Club Freie Turnerschaft Dörnigheim.

The club operates club sports in different departments such as Judo, Ju-Jutsu, Women's Fitness and Leisure Soccer. In addition, health and self-defense courses are offered. The Sports Club also offers Judo in schools and youth centers.

As a future-oriented sports association we have taken the sponsorship for a child care facility (after-school care) and the management of the afternoon service at a primary and secondary school.

As a training venue, the SC Budokan has his own BudoArena with 400 square meters permanently laid mats, and a second smaller dojo with about 90 square meters.

The sports club has a team that has great experience in events, marketing, web design, and planning and execution of championships.

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