Coaches ETC

Roland Köhler  Nadia Bertrand 

Allard Schulenklopper Frank Burcynski

Wolfgang Heindel Jörn Meiners

Andreas Kuhl  

Whats next?

The EC u18 / u21 should take place in St. Petersburg (Russia) and unfortunately had to be canceled there due to the corona situation. Then we, and the DJJV, were asked by the European Association whether we would like / can organize this. We have shown that we can and so it was agreed.

The EC should be divided into three, Fighting in Maintal, Duo and Duo Show in the Netherlands and BJJ / Newaza in Israel. Unfortunately, the Dutch had to cancel and so the disciplines Fighting - Duo & Duo Show will take place over three days in Maintal.

The date of the European Championships is September 24th to 26th, 2021. Unfortunately, no spectators are allowed this time as the entire championship has to take place in a bubble. This means that only the athletes and coaches are allowed to enter the hall during their competition times and the officials who are specially accredited for that day.

European Championship Ju-Jitsu in Maintal

European championship in Maintal

Due to the security situation in Israel, the European Ju-Jitsu Championship was relocated to Germany. Together with the German Ju-Jutsu Association e.V., the Sport Club Budokan Maintal e.V. is organizing the European Ju-Jitsu 2021 Championship in Maintal.

 The championship with the categories Fighting, Duo and Ne-Waza starts on 07/17/2021 and ends on 07/21/2021.

We are happy to welcome the 302 registered athletes from 22 European nations in Maintal.