Ju-Jutsu Hessen Championship

The call of the HJJV to the Hessen Championship on 10.03.2018 was followed by 22 clubs, which proves that more than a quarter of all Hessian clubs are involved in the competition.

With the Ju-Jutsu Fighting it goes up again, it fought a total of 171 Ju-Jutsuka for the title of Hessenchampion. This is an increase of about 15% compared to last year. In the well-filled hall on the day a total of 246 fights in the Ju-Jutsu Fighting and NeWaza were held.

In the discipline NeWaza a total of 43 fighters had started, of which 12 in the class U18, also here is still an upward trend to recognize. The majority of the fighters in the Ju-Jutsu Fighting made the youth with 102 starters.

A detailed report, and pictures, can be found on the page of the HJJV (© author & pictures Stefan Lechthaler) >here<